GEFFEN (formerly Oliver, adopted April 5, 2013)

I want to give you all an update on Oliver, the Dalmation/Pointer I adopted last Friday.
He is doing so well, and my house is such a happier place.  He actually goes by “Geffen” now, but Oliver is his middle name.  Y’all were right–he is the snuggliest guy.  He’s still a little timid sometimes, and very polite–when I’m on the couch, he will put one paw on it, then two paws, then wait.  After a few rounds of, “Come ON, Geffen!  It’s okay, buddy!” he’ll finally pull himself on up and proceed to crush me with his 60 pound weight.  And I love it.
Because he’s heart worm positive for now–and per our vet’s advice–he’s not a running buddy yet, but he LOVES our walks down Franklin Street in Chapel Hill.  So many people approach him to love on him and tell me how cute/handsome he is (as if I don’t know!), and he adores the attention.  He is learning to react to the leash and harness very well; the hardest part has been convincing him that not EVERY single person on the street needs him to lick them.
He loves to lie on his back on the rug in the den, I think because it’s scratchy.  He’s mildly interested in hanging out on the patio, but usually he goes back inside before long.  I like to think that’s because he loves having his very own house.
He still hates the car.  He’s pretty terrified of it, in fact.  I have to lift him into it.  Hopefully, he’ll learn that we’re not going anywhere bad or that I’m not going to leave him in it.
We’ll be back for his heart worm treatment on June 5; I know he’ll love to see all of the people who gave him so much love the past few months.
Thanks for Geffen Oliver.  Thank you so much.