GRETA, RICHIE & CALLIE (adopted July 2013, 2012, unknown)

I wanted to thank you for matching us yet another wonderful dog! Greta (adopted July 2013) has settled in so nicely with the gang.  This weekend we had our first BBQ since we had her with almost 30 people over.  She was a little apprehensive when people come over, however she warmed up really nicely!  I attached some photos of Ritchie (adopted 2012), Greta and Callie (formerly Elsa). As you can see in the picture, they were always ready for tasty treats and there was a TON of playing and tug of war.  My coworkers son LOVED playing with all three dogs, and wanted to know if Ritchie could come home with him at the end of the night. All three of them had a great time!  Sunday was DEFINITELY a lazy day for all of them.  It is absolutely incredible how well they all get along!
Thank you again for all the help!