Animal Protection Society of Durham connects people through our love of animals. We care for thousands of animals each year, many of whom stay with us for longer than expected. APS of Durham assumes guardianship of these lost and stray animals, provides all medical care and helps make future paths possible through support from donors like you. It is through your generosity that we can tell our stories of love, connection and the deep bonds between people and animals that build a caring community.

One such story of love and devotion is that of Grizz. He was brought to APS in December of last year with injuries from being hit by a car. Wiggly and sweet, even while in pain, he won the hearts of all who met him. His injuries were assessed by our medical director, Dr. Bishop, and Grizz was sent to our emergency veterinary partner for surgery. Grizz would have his back leg amputated and join our “tri-paw-d” crew. This critical step in Grizz’s care could not have been made without your help. APS uses donations to cover the costs of these emergency situations to ensure each animal can live up to their fullest potential. You are truly making life-saving decisions when you send us your donations.

Your gifts also provide for the gentle care and recovery for these animals in our foster program. Animals like Grizz need quiet places to recover and heal from their injuries, and APS of Durham ensures that through our dedicated network of volunteers who take in these animals when we most need it. Foster homes allow us to continue to care for homeless and stray animals in our shelter while keeping the most at-risk animals in calm spaces while they recover.

In the case of Grizz, he would need foster care much longer than we anticipated. While recovering from surgery, Grizz was diagnosed with heartworm disease, which can be fatal if left untreated. Treatment for heartworms is expensive and requires an extended period of rest and recovery. Thanks to the entirely donor-funded heartworm treatment program at APS, Grizz would be able to receive this treatment while he continued to recover with his loving foster family. He was started on a month of oral antibiotics, the first step in his treatment.

Before Grizz could receive his heartworm treatment injections, he began to show signs of respiratory distress during his second month in foster care. He was sent to our emergency veterinary partner where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and hospitalized for specialized care. His heartworm treatment was postponed while he recovered from the pneumonia, and he continued to stay with his foster family while getting regular checkups with the APS medical team. Finally, he was able to complete treatment and was healthy enough to be made available for adoption after five months in our care.

While most of his journey to health was through APS staff and volunteers, Grizz was cared for through your donations and continued support of our programs. APS of Durham relies on the contributions from our community of donors to ensure that pets like Grizz get the best of care. You were right there with Grizz as he wiggled his way through recovery. You walked alongside our volunteers as they gently guided Grizz on his journey. He was able to find a loving home because you cared enough to give.

We are so grateful to you for the gifts that you give, and so is Megan. She saw Grizz on the APS website and arranged to meet his foster, Morganne. “The second I saw him, I knew he was coming home with me,” Megan told us. She brought him home and knew he was hers forever. She calls Grizz her “soul dog” and theirs is just one of the many bonds you have helped us build in our community. This is why we do the hard work. We do it because we know the difference each dollar makes towards creating a caring community who loves their animals as much as we do.

All of us at APS are thrilled to say that this is just one of the many stories of lifelong bonds we’ve built between people and animals this year. We can’t wait to share more happy tails with you in the new year. This is challenging and rewarding work that takes many different paths towards success. We are thankful to have so many dedicated partners like you on this journey with us. Your contributions have propelled APS into a thriving community resource that seeks to build bonds, educate our community and provide care for animals in need. We are Durham’s community shelter, and we cannot do this work without you by our side.

Every day Animal Protection Society of Durham takes in animals who are in need of food, shelter and medical care.

Your gifts can help us ensure that each of these animals gets the care they need on their journey with APS. Grizz is just one of the many stories of our caring community coming together to meet the needs of our most vulnerable animals. Will you help us in our time of need?

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