Happy Harry!

Adopter Rachel Hoover wrote to us with this Happy Tail about her newest family member, Harry the cat.

She writes, “He’s been here over a year now and is settled in like he’s always been a part of the Hoover cat clan. Harry’s life philosophy is that the only reason you aren’t snuggling him right now is because you’ve made the mistake of being busy doing something else. A mistake he is more than happy to remedy by laying on whatever your current object of interest. In fact, he’s so dedicated to making sure his owners don’t have an excessive screen time that I had to get a second keyboard just so I could work on the computer. If he loves anything more than me, it’s my keyboard. He’s also very strict about bedtime and will walk around the house and cry for me when he feels we need to retire to something soft for cuddles in the evening. He tolerates our other boy cat but is desperately in love with our girl cat, Tootsie and enjoys sharing his overabundance of snuggles with her, when she lets him. He’s a professional hair tie wrangler and never lets a loose hair tie escape his personal attentions. Although he’s not fond of being picked up, he’s never met a lap that wasn’t worth a try and anyone who sits down is almost guaranteed a visit. He’s not a fan of the cold and gets especially cuddly in the winter months, particularly if you are willing to let him under the covers where he will happily snuggle up against your tummy and purr himself to sleep. Although Tootsie is more of a fan of the kids, he’s happy to tolerate them so long as they are polite and if anyone gets a little too loving, he just makes a graceful exit like a gentleman. He’s been a wonderful addition to our home and I can’t believe he stayed in the shelter as long as he did. Just goes to show that kindly old man cats are well-worth adopting. Harry is certainly grateful and never gets tired of licking your nose while you’re sleeping just to say thanks.”

We’re so happy for Harry and your family, Rachel. What a wonderful addition he’s been it sounds like!