HAYLEY (adopted May 2009, formerly Carmella)

In May 2010 my husband and I adopted Hayley (formerly Carmella) from Durham APS, and we wanted to give you an update on her (finally!) so that you know that your work continues to have positive effects.

More than three years ago, we came to the APS hoping to find a companion for our only dog Cab. We selected three dogs for Cab to meet, and Cab said ‘no’ to each one. The next day, we went back and asked for the help of the behavioral specialist in finding a good match. She brought in a dog to meet Cab, and it was love at first sight. Cab and Hayley have been inseparable ever since, as we tried to capture in the attached photos.
Watching Hayley develop and blossom has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It makes me so much more hopeful for every dog in a shelter, that every dog has something to offer to more families (potential packs) than it may initially appear. When we first got Hayley, she wasn’t very interested in people; she was really focused on other dogs, which is one of the reasons why she seemed like a great companion for Cab. However, over time she warmed up more and more to people and the attention that people give her. She loves to greet strangers when we take her for a walk, and she particularly loves babies and children. One of her favorite people is a child who lives across the street from us, and we’re always aware of when he is outside because Hayley has a specific happy bark when she sees him. We would never have pegged her as such as a people-lover when we first got her.
Hayley is a sweet, loyal girl, and watching her blossom into a wonderful part of our pack has been incredibly rewarding. We want to encourage the APS to keep up the hard work and to encourage everyone to keep in mind that even if dogs seem one way in the shelter, finding a pack, a home, and knowing that they’re safe and loved can radically change how dogs behave.
I’m attaching a few pictures. Hayley is the white and brown one, and Cab is the larger brown one.
Lauren (and Scott)