HERMAN (adopted Spring 2007)

My name is Cora Eidson.  I adopted a dog named Herman in the Spring of 2007 while I was single and living in Chapel Hill.  He had been adopted and returned twice before I took him home.  However, Herman and I immediately hit it off (I kept the name Herman since it is so fitting).  He has been my little buddy and companion ever since.  I like to say that Herman has lived a better life than most people.  The Fall of 2007 we moved to Ohio to live with a good friend Valerie and her maltese, Mia.  We didn’t stay there long though because I married a man in the Navy and we moved to the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  Herman loved soaking up the year long warm sun and fun on the white sand beaches.  We lived there 4 years before the Navy sent us to Monterey California where we currently live.  He has a big back yard and and the beach is still near by where he can play.  Herman is about 7 years old now but you would never know it.  Herman and I just want to thank you for taking good care of him before I was able to adopt him.