Faithful Friend Monthly Giving

A Last Love Letter to my Friends –
Celebrating Dogs and the Joy They Bring Us

This hardcover book celebrates Rick Fishers’s life-long love of dogs and 100% of the profits benefitted charities dear to his heart, particularly us, the Animal Protection Society of Durham. It includes over 500 images with contributions from several great international and US dog photographers and pet lovers.

This book is printed on high quality paper and could be the best gift you will ever get for a dog lover. Rick believed this to have been his best work.

We lost our dear friend in November of 2020 and miss him immensely. Rick had warmly stated, “I hope that you will enjoy the book as much as I do.”

Rick’s wish was for his book to improve the lives of homeless animals. Will you become our Faithful Friend and help endure this legacy?

Lasting friendship is a very special kind of love. Before we lost our dear friend Rick Fisher in 2020, he touched our hearts in many ways as a friend, photographer, and active fundraiser for the animals. But one of his most wonderful labors of love was the creation and gift of this coffee table book of photography, A Last Love Letter to My Friends: Celebrating Dogs and the Joy they bring us. Rick gifted the remaining books to us in hopes of inspiring more donors to support APS of Durham in a meaningful way. In memory of Rick, we are asking you to become a recurring monthly donor this month: our Faithful Friend.

The first 57 people to begin a recurring monthly gift of $40 or more this month, or a current Faithful Friend who increases their gift by $40, will receive a copy of Rick’s beautiful book. With this action, you will become part of an exclusive group of donors who cover the complete cost of care, enrichment, feeding and medical attention for 100 shelter animals during the remainder of 2022. All because you extend your love as a Faithful Friend.

Your recurring gift of any size will make a lasting impact on the animals and provide the assurance that the ongoing needs can be met of stray, neglected, abandoned, abused, and injured animals in Durham.

We yearn for a future when animal shelters are not essential. Until then our vision is that there are no displaced or unwanted pets, all animals are treated with compassion and respect, and that community services are available to all pet owners. We will be here every day, rain or shine, as a loving friend to animals who need us most.

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Learn more about Rick Fisher and this book here. 

Thank you for you support.