The funding priorities of the APS are diverse and constantly evolving. That’s why the financial support and flexibility afforded by unrestricted gifts are so important. Such gifts are directed to the areas most in need.

In addition to monetary donations, we are always in need of goods for our animals. Click here to see our wish list. 

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If you prefer to direct your donation to a specific fund, you can restrict your donation to one of the the following special funds:

Adoption Assistance Fund:  This crucial fund allows APS to reduce adoption fees during our adoption events making it easier for adoptable animals to find homes. What do adoption fees cover? Adoption fees cover the exams, de-worming, immunizations, microchipping, spay/neuter surgeries, heartworm testing (for dogs), and FLV/FIV testing (for cats) that all adoptable animals receive before going to their new homes.

Spay/Neuter Community Fund:  This fund supports the work that the APS does to end pet overpopulation and the resultant neglect, abandonment and surrender of unwanted animals by removing one of the main barriers to spay/neuter for animals in the community: cost.  In 2009, APS implemented a voucher program to assist pet owners with the cost of sterilizing their animals.

Tiffany Fund/Life-saving Medical Treatment:  As an open access shelter, we often take in animals who have extensive injuries or serious medical conditions the treatment of which presents us with real challenges. Sometimes heartbreaking decisions have to be made to euthanize otherwise adoptable animals because the diagnosis and/or treatment of remediable conditions is beyond our financial capabilities. This fund provides the resources for specialized medical or surgical treatment.

Tribute Gifts: You can make any gift a Tribute. They’re a thoughtful way to celebrate a birthday, wedding, or any special occasion. They also serve as a special expression of sympathy by honoring the memory of a pet, friend or relative. When you make a tribute gift, APS will both acknowledge your contribution and notify the honoree or other designated individual(s) such as family members, provided you supply the necessary name and contact information.


Other Ways to Support APS

Donate a Car: When you donate a car to APS, you will help the homeless and neglected animals is our community. The car donation process is quick and easy. You can schedule your donation online HERE or with a toll-free phone call to 1-877-537-5277. If you donate an automobile or other vehicle, you may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Workplace Giving: If your workplace has an annual United Way Campaign or other employee giving program you can specify that your gift comes to the Animal Protection Society of Durham.

Matching Gifts: Double, or even triple, your gift to APS by having your employer match your donation! Thousands of companies offer to match their employee’s charitable contributions. Contact your company’s Personnel Department for information about their program and get the forms you need to complete your match.

Gifts of Stock: Giving a gift of stock to benefit APS of Durham? Please inform the Development Office of your intent by calling 919-560-0640 x 231 or by email to You can access all the information you need to initiate your stock gift by downloading our Stock Information document. Consult your personal financial or tax advisor to see how a gift of securities can benefit you.

Put Stock in Something That Matters: Click here to learn more about how to donate stock with ease. You can make a stock donation directly through our partnering business organization, DonateStock

Cash and Check Donations: Gifts can be made through cash, personal checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders made payable to:

APS of Durham
Attn: Development Office
2117 E. Club Blvd.
Durham, NC 27704
Federal Identification Number: 56-1047100

PayPal: Click here to donate using your PayPal account.

Wooftrax: The free app, which is available for iPhone and Android, allows you to raise funds for APS of Durham by tracking dog walks with your phone’s GPS. When you and your dog start out on your walk, simply press “Start Walking for —” for a prompt to choose an organization. You will find Animal Protection Society of Durham listed as an option. The donations are made possible from sponsors and advertisers of the app. Find out all about it at
It’s good for you, your dog, and Animal Protection Society of Durham! So before you reach for that leash, remember to activate your Walk for a Dog app
How do I get started with Wooftrax?
Step 1: Install the Walk for a Dog app on your phone to get started in the program
Step 2: Start walking your dog
Step 3: Use the app to keep track of your mileage each walk and raise money for Animal Protection Society of Durham!