Your annual, tax deductible sponsorship gift is a donation to the Animal Protection Society of Durham.

A special plaque, engraved with the wording of your choice and the original sponsorship year, will be attached to the type of cage you choose (either dog or cat). You may wish to include a special message on the plaque in memory of a beloved pet, in honor of an animal lover in your life, to advertise your business, or you may remain anonymous. Sponsorship is a great way to help the animals you would love to take home but can’t. Please help the animals … Sponsor a Kennel today!

Sponsor a Kennel

Notice our new selections

A cat suite is a lovely, multi-compartment unit. It offers different spaces for sleeping, eating, and the toilette.

The Becky Heron Memorial Play Yard honors long time APS Durham supporter, board member and Durham leader, Becky Heron. It is a fun-filled area where dogs with volunteers and prospective families enjoy time to play, fetch, run, and catch. It is filled with joy.

The cat cottages are light and airy rooms that house multiple friendly cats. They have feline-friendly furnishings and welcome visitors to meet directly with potential pets.