Many young people ask how they can help the homeless animals at the Durham County Animal Shelter. Due to liability concerns, volunteers working with the animals at the shelter (feeding, socializing, etc.) must meet the following age requirements:

  • Cat volunteers
    • 15+ years old – can volunteer without adult supervision
    • 10+ years old – can volunteer with parent or guardian
  • Dog volunteers
    • 16+ years old – can volunteer without adult supervision
    • 10+ years old – can volunteer with parent of guardian

For teens 14 years and up:

  • Hospitality Team
    One of the most important things in increasing adoptions is great public relations. Coming to the shelter can be a bit confusing and intimidating for new visitors. We need your help to make visitors feel welcome and well informed. Will you help increase adoptions at APS of Durham by joining our Hospitality Team?
  • Education Booth Assistant
    The only way people can know about our adoption program and the resources we offer is if we go out and let everyone know. That’s where our Events Team comes in. We go into the community with information, brochures and fun games to help make sure people in our area have the information and tools they need to join our mission. Will you help get the word out?

For teens 15 years and up:

  • Whisker Writers Team
    Our website is the first stop for many visitors to APS of Durham and many adoptions happen because a person fell in love with the picture and description. We need you to make a good first impression and help our cats and kittens find homes! Will you write descriptions for our website?
  • Cat Tech. Assistant
    Cat Tech Assistant Volunteers socialize clean cages, change litter boxes, feed and provide fresh water and other duties to help Cat Techs. The highest need for this job is between 8:00am and 11:00am to get the adoptable cat rooms ready to be seen by potential adopters before we open to the public. Will you help our cat team?

For teens 17 years and up:

  • Adoption Counselor Assistant
    Our adoption counselors need help with greeting, answering phones, filing, helping with forms and more. This is a quick-paced, busy job and we need someone quick with a smile and great at following directions. Will you help our adoption team?