JOEY (formerly Jonas; adopted June 2012)


I adopted Joey (Jonas) in June of this year.  It hasn’t been long, but he is already such a big and wonderful part of my home.  He has really filled out since coming home with me and is a healthy, happy dog! Whether we are at the park, swimming at the lake, or just relaxing at home, he is always by my side.  He must not realize what a big dog he is becuase he is super cuddly and loves nothing more than being a lap dog!  I feel very lucky to have adopted such a cooperative and smart dog.  He was crate-trained within our first two weeks together and he always has great manners with the other dogs and people we meet.  He and my cat, Bali, have also become best friends.  He plays very gently with her and it is never a surprise to see them hanging out together.  He is a wonderful boy full of personality and character and I couldn’t have asked for a better companion!