Joni Mitchell and Alicia Keys – making wonderful meow-sic together!

Marty St. Clair brings us the cute story of her two APS alum cats with lyrical names. We’re so happy she shared their story with us!

“Joni (Mitchell) was adopted on September 11, 2015 from APS.  She has brought so much joy to our family!  You can see her opening her Christmas presents sent to her from her aunt in Wisconsin.  I chose Joni because of her resemblance to a Maine Coon.  She continues to show Maine Coon characteristics, including coming when called, carrying toys around the house, and a fascination with water.  She sleeps with me (and Mosette, her Great Dane sister) every night. Thank you so much!”

She also loves her APS sibling (Alicia) Keys as you can see with their secret handshake at the top of the page!