JOY (adopted February 2012)

joyDear Durham APS,
We adopted Joy on February 11th, 2012, and we wanted to give you guys an update on how she's doing. 
Joy has settled in nicely!  She's enjoying lounging around the apartment with both Melissa and I, and she's totally into all of the toys we've given her. She's really quite spoiled (and deserves it!).  She's also enjoying frequent trips to one of the dog parks in Chapel Hill where she gets to meet new friends and get all of that energy out.  She's also spending some time at Camp Bow Wow when Melissa and I are busy, and she absolutely loves it. Joy makes friends easily and plays nicely with all of the other dogs in the apartment complex.
Joy's training is going very well, and we're considering doing agility with her once the school year is over and she gets through another training class or two. Our vet thinks that she's part border collie (I've taken to calling her "collie face"), and expects Joy to do very well at agility once we get started.  
We couldn't be happier that Joy is a part of our family, and we treasure each and every day we have with her.  Thanks to all of you at the shelter for caring for her until we found her.  We're so glad we could give her a home!
I've attached some pictures, too!
Thanks again!