We’re expecting… kittens! That’s right kitten season is in full swing! In the warmer months, mama cats go into heat more, causing more litters. This brings lots of kittens into APS, needing lots of care. How can you help? Read on!

Have you been waiting for just the right time to adopt? No better time like the present. You could even take home littermates! Simply fill out the adoption forms here, then come in to visit our tiny felines!

Not ready to adopt? Foster! We have lots of new moms that need your help with their new babies, and litters without moms that need your help. Even if you have never owned a cat, and don’t have a clue what kitten fostering entails, we will work with you to identify your comfort/skill level, and match you with the perfect kitten(s) to fit your home. Fosters have all vet care during foster covered by our shelter’s medical staff, and all supplies are provided to the foster parent. You just need to open your home, and be available to come into the shelter for any vet visits. Want to learn more? Find out about fostering here.

Can’t foster or adopt just yet? APS is putting out the “Cat Signal” for help with supplies for our furry friends! Check out our baby registry on Amazon to have much needed items like replacement milk and heating pads shipped directly to us. We and our tiniest fuzzballs are so grateful for any donations you bring us.

Kitten season is already here. At APS of Durham, we work hard to help our kittens grow, thrive, and get placed in new homes. But the program is only successful with support from our adopters, foster families, volunteers, and donors.

Thank you for caring for kittens!


Want to know what to do if you’ve found kittens? Read below!