Spring and Summer Bring Kittens to APS

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Kitten Season is in Full Swing!

Every year, as the warmth of spring turns into summer, APS of Durham prepares to welcome hundreds of kittens into our shelter.

Many newborn kittens have been separated from their nursing moms, and rely on the constant safekeeping provided by human caregivers to survive, grow, and eventually find loving homes.

Without dedicated attention, they simply will not survive.



Fostering Will Make a Difference

At this time, kitten season is in full swing. Our kitten foster program has already expanded this year, thanks to contributions from donors and our amazing kitten foster volunteers. But this is only the beginning.

During “kitten season” we receive more cats and kittens than we have resources to adequately provide for. Kitten season is really three seasons in one, starting in spring, peaking in early summer, and ending in fall. With your generous donation, more volunteers can be trained and supported to open their homes and foster litters of newborn kittens. 


Can you help?

Your contribution can ensure the necessary supplies to provide for the needs of these kittens, as well as the medical attention and support to guide them through their journey. This type of program takes lots of staff time, special supplies, thoughtful training and support, and willing volunteers.



Together – with your generous contributions – we can nurture and save lives of kittens that otherwise will not make it. 

We are committed to doing our best to save the kittens. But we cannot do it alone. Will you join us? Your support will ensure the best possible care for all of the animals in our shelter.