LEIA (formerly Loretta, adopted February 2011)

leia1I wanted to send a big thank you for helping bring Leia (formerly Loretta) into my life! I adopted this beautifully happy girl on February 12, 2011, and she has filled every day with smiles and wiggles. She absolutely loves to chase her ball every day, roll around in the grass, and occasionally gets very motivated to chase and catch her tail. Her tail is the most expressive one I’ve ever seen! My day is never complete until I get to play outside with her!
Leia was a little nervous around people when I first adopted her, but she now goes wiggling up to most everyone and loves kisses, cuddling, and neck scratches! I’ve attached some pictures of Leia, including one with me and another with her canine cousin, Helo.
Thank you for all you do!