Lelu (adopted July 2017)

It’s easy to remember the first time you lock eyes with your fureverpet. But it’s unlikely you’ll remember exactly what run they were inat the shelter. Emilyan adult, black pittie mixwas in run 12 when Cherisse saw her for the first time in July 2017. One look was all it took; it was a moment they would never forget

Emily now goes by Lelu Dallas MultipassLelu for short. Her story isn’t just a Happy Tail but a beautiful transformation. With love and patience from Cherisse and her family, Lelu was able to reach a healthy weight and saw her coat go from coarse to shiny and glamorous. She even became a more confident, social pup after overcoming her fear of sudden noises and learning to love strangers who came bearing butt scratches.  

As if her loving humans weren’t enough, Lelu hit the sibling jackpot. She spends all her days snuggling and romping with big brother Railgun and two kitty sisters. “She [Lelu] is convinced that she is a mother to one of the cats, always following and trying to clean the kitty,” says Charisse. “The cat tolerates [it] surprisingly well.” 

Their house has become a puppy paradise, much to the delight of everyone who enters. Except, maybe, the couch. “Our couch has taken a beating, but it was worth it.” 

Now that’s what we call a Happy Tail.