lily-heThis is Lily (Was Peppermint Patty). I brought her home this past Mon, Aug 15th. She is SO sweet! And very very quiet! I had to buy a collar with a bell, just so I know where she is! It took Lily a day to understand that this is her home. At first, she stayed under he bed. VERY quickly, she realized that she could perch in my windowsill and watch the world. The day after bringing her home, she hopped up on the couch between my BF and I and let us pet her. It was as if she were saying “Ok, I like it here. I guess I’ll stay”. Now, she sleeps part of the night on my bed by my feet. If anyone is considering adoption, I would strongly suggest you look at the older animals. Lily is 8yrs old and honestly, the BEST cat I’ve ever seen! THANK YOU Durham APS for allowing me to bring this wonderful pet into my life!!!