Local Scouts Showing Love for APS

We are so grateful to have been selected for several Boy and Girl Scout projects – an enrichment and education centered project by a Durham Girl Scout, and an enrichment and facility improvement project by a Durham Boy Scout. Girl Scout Alena Dastur, of Girl Scout Troop 450, selected us as her Silver Award project, and Aidan Halpin of Boy Scout Troop 424, selected us for his Eagle Scout project.

Alena has always loved animals, and wanted to creatively give back to APS while completing her Silver Award project. The Silver Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn, and requires that she create something that APS can use for years to come. Scrolling through our website, she noticed there were a few things missing in our “How You Can Help” section, and decided to focus her project on creating a step-by-step guide to creating braided fleece toys for our animals, as well as a recipe for yummy dog treats.

Over the past several months, Alena has worked tirelessly perfecting her braided toys, as well as the recipe for her peanut butter and pumpkin dog biscuits. The result of her hard work can now be found on our website under the “volunteer” section, listed under the “how children can help” link. Click here for a direct link to the page, and then click on “Make Gifts & Treats For the Shelter Pets.” The recipe and braided toy instructions will be on our website for years to come.

Aidan is a senior at Durham School of the Arts and a Life-ranked Boy Scout with a very active troop in Durham. Being part of a family that has rescued 4 dogs over the years, he chose to focus his Eagle project on APS. The Eagle project has many parts, and Aidan was responsible for fundraising, designing his project, and providing leadership in the execution.

Anyone who has ever walked the trails at APS knows that rain easily washes away sediment, and parts of the trail flood easily. Aidan decided to create a series of wooden walkways that were higher and stronger than what APS currently had, and also provided traction for the dogs and dog handlers.

Aidan and his fellow Scouts created a safe and beautiful walkway that will be used for many years.


From the animals, staff and volunteers of APS – THANK YOU Alena and Aidan for your dedication to APS, and for completing this projects with our animals and mission in mind.