Thank you for taking your time to help lost and/or found pets find their way back to their rightful owners. Animal Protection Society of Durham is happy to provide this service to the community, and help to reconnect owners with their pets.  We strive to ensure these listings are as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but we rely on your help to do so.

We will keep these pets listed on our site for a maximum of three (3) months time, unless we are sent a request to keep it up longer. We are happy to keep active posts up for more than three months if necessary. Our ultimate goal is to help reunite pets with their owners. Please send your requests at  

If your listing is removed and your search continues, please resubmit your information and photos and we will place the post back on our site. We appreciate your assistance is keeping this resource accurate.  Once pets listed on this site have been found or reunited with their owners, please inform us so that we can remove the listing.

LOST Pet Listing:  When you’re pet has been found, please contact us at to have us remove your listing.

FOUND Pet Listing:  If you know that the pet is now with its’ rightful owner, and is no longer lost, please notify us at, so that we can remove the listing.

Thank you!