LUNA (formerly Jolene adopted March 2012)

luna4I’ve had her for less than 4 days (she was adopted on 3-22-2012), and I am already in love. Luna (formerly Jolene) loves my large apartment because she can run full speed from end to end without any obvious purpose, though she seems to thoroughly enjoy it. I’ve had a lot of smart dogs, but she is by far the smartest. She learned to ‘sit’ in less than 10 minutes. Also, starting on day 3, she began walking to the front door, looking back at me, and giving a small bark. This meant that she needed to go outside to go to the bathroom. Less than 3 days of crate training, and she’s learned that outside is where she needs to go for this and how to inform me it was time.
I bought her a couple of beds and LOTS of toys, and she loves nothing more than taking one out of her toy bowl and running into my lap to show it to me. She’s always cuddling or giving lots of kisses. She has loved every animal and every human she has met, and has already had multiple visits from her Uncle Clark and Aunt Genevieve. She’s very happy that I often work at home, because she has a nice pillow at my feet in my home office where she can keep tabs on me and, on occasion, get handed treats just for being so darn cute.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Durham APS, and am glad I was able to give this sweet girl the love and attention she deserves. Waking up in the morning is MUCH easier when you’re greeted with unending kisses from the cutest thing on four legs.