Luna, the full moon dog

This is the story of Luna (formerly Edna), adopted by the Jewell-Alibhai family.

“Wherever we’ve lived in the world we’ve always had dogs, but for the last few years have been without a four-legged friend in our house. The younger members of our family kept up unrelenting pressure this summer and after promises that they would help walk/feed/groom, we eventually took a family trip to the Durham APS to see if there might be a dog willing to join us.

We interviewed three candidates extensively 😉 Edna was a very quiet and cautious beagle mix, Charlotte a bouncy and super-friendly little character, and Puddles a young, lanky, brindle puppy mix. We went home giving ourselves 24 hrs to mull over it, and perhaps let fate take her course. When we went back the next day Puddles had already been adopted, Charlotte looked very adoptable, but Edna looked so beseechingly at us that our decision was made.

Since she arrived on a full moon, the name ‘Luna’ seemed most fitting. She and we took a few days to get to know each other, but it’s been amazing to see her transform from a dog who was too wary to eat or sleep – to a super-outgoing, companionable, nose-on-legs. We take her to dog-parks to socialize, and on lots of walks to new places. She races around the fenced back yard, digs holes in the earth when it gets too hot, follows every scent trail, and steals laundry from the basket. ‘Fetch’ is still a work in progress!

More than all those new discoveries, she’s firmly embedded herself as a member of the family and likes nothing more than to see all of us in one place. We are sure she can count.”



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