MADDIE (formerly Mati or Mamma), adopted June 30th, 2010

maddiemugshotMati (or Maddie as I call her, short for Madelyn) is home and happy!
She settled right in and keeps busy with my other kitty, Bitsy. They
have stare-downs and hissy-spits one minute, and are sleeping next to
one another the next. I call them the Hissy-Spit Sisters or the Romp
-n- Stomp Brigade when they really go at it. I can hear them tearing
through the house. Playing, fighting or whatever. They definitely keep
each other busy!
She is cute as can be, talks to me (and to herself), and is a real
sweetie, also smart, playful, and a bit devious! She’s so adorable,
she’ll get away with it and she knows it. Maddie is a little
excavator! She digs tunnels in the litterbox! Messy girl!