MARIGNY (formerly Doris – adopted June 2014)

marignyMarigny (formerly Doris - adopted June 2014)8 lb Marigny is the black and white dog on the right, snuggled up under our other rescue dog Sammy! Marigny had a significant skin condition when she arrived at APS- cracked, bleeding skin, missing large sections of fur - the before photos were pretty sad. With the great vet care at APS, then meds at our home, good nutrition, medicated baths and, of course, lots of love, Marigny looks like a brand new dog! Our vet was so excited about her progress at the 2 week follow up visit!  She is thriving now, loves being held, loves her "big brother" dog Sammy and would would love to play with our 18 yr old cat (no go on that one).
The book you gave us on bringing a new dog into your home was very helpful, by the way, even to these veteran pet people 🙂 thanks for that.
Thanks again, APS!
K and L