What a kissy, sweetly affectionate, happy, smart-but-submissive companion our Megan is!
So much that she’s inspired poetry…
Our newest family scent
isn’t spear- or peppermint
but lickings from our pooch
with every lavished smooch!

 We don’t mind the salivating
with what her tongue is sweetly stating
(and her water bowl’s oft updated
so she won’t get dehydrated!)

We’re unanimously decided:
with Megan we’re so delighted!
She’s a Heavenly gift we’re agreed,
and a credit to her (mixed) breed!


Eager to please…easy to feed
seems free of fleas…or any disease
A squeeze at my knees…says “do pet me please!”
Sweet Megan, she’s–a welcome Spring breeze!

Thanks for your work in caring for these creatures you’re sharing!

Bob, Donna, Will and Hope