MILO THATCH (adopted April 2013)


Hey, guys!

My family and I adopted a kitten from the shelter a few weeks ago,
around April 15th or so (I think); he didn’t have a name at the time,
but was one of three baby cats, and he’s buff-white/champagne in color.
We named him Milo Thatch (from the Disney movie Atlantis), but mostly
we just call him Milo! I’m really glad to say that he seems to have
taken very well to our house, first to his little isolated room, and
then to the rest of the house at large. He’s very quickly become my
baby in a short amount of time. He likes to sit on my lap, and if I’m
on my laptop, he’ll sit on my keyboard. He’s a cat-olympic champion at
the Keyboard Walk event. Milo likes to climb up onto our shoulders, and
my mom likes to tease him because he wraps himself around my neck like
a scarf and then falls asleep there. He purrs like a John Deere, and he
sleeps with me in my room — he even gets along very well with our
other animals, and the introduction was really very easy. We just
wanted to let you know that he’s doing really, really well! And we
definitely picked the perfect kitten (or maybe, I guess, he picked us).

Thanks so much,
The Wimberley Family (Jeff, Kelley, Alex & Zach… but mostly Alex.)