OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I don’t know if you recall, but you helped us adopt an old Border Collie a year ago on labor day weekend.  We named him Myles Bill Clinton and he became the happiness of our family.  I’ve never met anyone who loved and was as happy as he was….someone who had a broken, painful body; who’s eyes and ears were failing him but his spirit was more alive than my own.  He only loved others and everything and fought every day to be with the world he loved.  He was the kindest, bravest thing I have ever known.
Myles left us yesterday to go on his long journey.
Thank you so much for bringing him to us and for taking care of all the dogs there….from the puppies to the old dogs that no one wants.  Because that old dog taught me how I ought to live.
Again…thank you for everything.  I wanted to share with you the kind of person that Myles was to us.