NEELA (formerly Dolly – Adopted June 2014)

dollyThank you!
Neela (formerly known as Dolly) has been home six hours now, and she is doing beautifully! Her big puppy sister, Viv, is quite smitten, as are her humans. Viv is ten, and Neela is breathing some new life into her. We actually saw her play with a toy for the first time again today. I think they rescued each other.
Neela was so shy and timid, but please know she is perking right up in her forever home. She has been all tail wags and kisses. And…she already chuffing at the door to go out. ­čÖé
You matched us with Viv ten years ago, and she is a perfect fit for our family. I told everyone you would help us find our perfect puppy again, and you have. Please know I know we are still in the honeymoon phase, but thank you for placing Neela in our family. She will be forever loved (and probably a little bit spoiled).
Thank you for all the work you do,
The Bower Family