Dr. Cuddles

  • adult
  • female

Bio data

Dr. Cuddles has her doctorate in cuteness, can’t you tell? She is very curious, communicative, confident, and social. She really enjoys having head rubs and even full-body massages and will come up and request attention by nudging your hand. She occasionally will “bark” and dig with her front feet at you to get your attention but I have been trying to respond only when she asks nicely. She will let you hold her some of the time when she is in the mood and feels relaxed. Dr. Cuddles is used to having two dogs and a cat around in the general vicinity. She will go nose to nose with our resident dogs and cats through the bunny exercise pin and will run to the fence to meet them. She will make a great addition to your home!

NOTE: Dr. Cuddles is currently in a foster home. Please complete and submit the adoption application if you would like to arrange for a visit to meet her. Thanks!