Guinea Pig * bonded with Heffalump * Pick Your Price
  • adult
  • female

Bio data

Kanga is the mom to a passel of lil babies and is ready to have her own space again. She’s bonded with Heffalump, another mom, so they’ll need to be adopted together. Don’t you have room in your heart for these two sweet ladies?

NOTE: Kanga is in a foster home, so please complete and submit an adoption application if you would like to arrange for a visit with her.

At this time, APS of Durham is letting you “pick your own price” That’s right, *you* get to decide what you would like to pay for the pet that will make your home complete. Remember they are all spayed/neutered, has a microchip, is fully vaccinated, and receives a complete medical exam and a behavior evaluation. Plus they’re given lots and lots of love and socialization from our staff and volunteers, so come adopt soon!