Marshmallow (bonded with Cocoa)

Guinea Pig
  • young
  • male

Bio data

If you’re looking for a great pair of guinea pigs, have we got the cuties for you! Marshmallow (and his brother Cocoa) are a bonded duo and will need to be adopted together. They love eating, squeaking, and ear scratches and are “seeking a family that will take the time to earn our trust. We can be a little shy at first, but thrive on routine and with a little patience and a lot of vegetables we quickly learn the sound of your voice and get excited whenever we hear you coming! We love taking treats right from your hand and will even stand up to grab them. We offer endless opportunity for creativity because we love homemade toys and enclosure enrichment. We are even working on our litter-box training!”  Won’t you come meet them today?

Marshmallow and Cocoa are currently in foster care. To set up a visit or to adopt them, please send adoption forms to