Pepe Le Pew

Guinea Pig Pick Your Price
  • adult
  • male

Bio data

Have you ever seen a Guinea Pig “popcorn”? It sounds silly (and it is)! “Popcorning” is a unique behavior that Guinea Pigs can do when excited, where they jump up straight into the air over and over. It’s so fun to watch – maybe Pepe will perform for you! Pepe is a sweet tan and white GP ready for a happy home, come meet him today!

NOTE: Pepe Le Pew is in a foster home, so please complete and submit an adoption application if you would like to arrange for a visit with him.

At this time, APS of Durham is letting you “pick your own price” That’s right, *you* get to decide what you would like to pay for the pet that will make your home complete. Remember they are all spayed/neutered, has a microchip, is fully vaccinated, and receives a complete medical exam and a behavior evaluation. Plus they’re given lots and lots of love and socialization from our staff and volunteers, so come adopt soon!