Sandy Cheeks

512053 Rabbit
  • female

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Sandy Cheeks

Such a pretty young gal, ready to hop into your life and heart❣️

Sandy Cheeks is currently in foster care. Here’s what her humans have to say about her:

“She is a very sweet and adventurous girl. She loves to have lots of space to explore and hop around. She has done well around dogs and cats. She seems pretty well litter box trained. She has mainly gone in her litter box, and never outside of that or her cage. She loves pets, sitting on the couch with you, and her favorite thing is the cat tunnel.”

Rabbits are wonderful pets, tho you definitely need to do some research on the proper way to have them as a family member. They’re not just for being kept in a rabbit hutch! They love interaction and need it! They’re so personable and have their own personalities. They also have a necessary diet, unlike the carrots and lettuce we usually think about. Once you know how to live with your rabbit, you will have a GREAT partnership!