Guinea Pig *bonded with Spot*
  • adult
  • female

Bio data

This curious cutie is ready for your home! She and her pal Spot make great listeners, and as they gradually get used to your presence and your voice, their personalities really start to shine. Spot and Thea make a great bonded pair, so they’ll need to be adopted together. Spot is more shy and reserved, and Thea helps to bring her out of her shell. They love to play and watching them pop around their cage is the best part of my day. As is true with most humans, you’ll have the best chance bonding with them through food. They love to eat hay right out of my hand. Such a cute pair would make a great addition to any home.

NOTE: Thea and Spot are currently in a foster home. Please complete and submit the adoption application if you would like to arrange for a visit to meet them. Thanks!