Dutch Rabbit 504695 - 9 24 2022
  • baby
  • male

Bio data

Valeria is a total love bug and runs to you for pets and snuggles anytime you walk into her room. She gets along well with cats, dogs, and small children. She is currently being litter trained and loves wild field greens, pellets, Timothy hay, and carrots. She also likes to play with balls and toys.  She is a total angel and lovebug that would be a great addition to your home!


Through July, our adoption prices are going to correspond with the date of the calendar during the rest of July. Come in on the 18th, for instance, for an $18 adoption fee. Don’t wait too late to get the best adoption fee to take me home and make your family feel complete!  Remember all the animals are spayed/neutered, has a microchip, is fully vaccinated, and receives a complete medical exam and a behavior evaluation. Plus, they’re given lots and lots of love and socialization from our staff and volunteers, so come adopt soon!