You might be wondering ‘where’s Asia?’ Well, she is living the good life, now known as Nyx! Chris and I took her for weekend foster and this girl wiggled her way into our hearts and home. She LOVES Chris and follows him every where! She’s done so well at home and she’s getting along great … Continued


Aspen, formerly known as Tanya, was in and out of the shelter for 6 months, on a heroic quest to find her forever home. One fateful day at an APS event with CBRE she had a special glimmer in her eye and a new smile we hadn’t seen before. She knew today was the day! … Continued


We just wanted to Thank You all for allowing us to adopt Abby yesterday!  We went from the shelter to Petsmart. She has a lot to learn about leash walking! But overall, she was very good! We were expecting to have some “adjustment time” with her! But, as you can see from the pictures, she … Continued


Hello! I just wanted to share my adoption story with you guys. My husband and I adopted Raya (was Urchin) a week before Christmas 2022. Since joining our home, she has gone from timid and nervous to completely breaking out of her shell. She has built tons of confidence and excelled in obedience training. Her … Continued


I’m attaching some very cute photos taken of Beans courtesy of Cathi on the day that I adopted him, and a few others I took on that day at the shelter and after I brought him home.  I was a bit worried that I would have trouble knowing which cat was the right match for me, but … Continued


My son and I came to the APS on December 21st, interested in a pair of sisters, only to find out they had been adopted. Primarily looking to adopt a kitten, we went from room to room, meeting all of the wonderful kitties. We came across Snaggletooth and knew immediately that he had a place in … Continued


We adopted our furry best friend 9/17/22 at Durham APS, and we couldn’t be more glad. We needed the joy of a pet back in our lives after our 17 yr old cat passed. We met this cute little grey boy named “Tems” in one of the open kitten rooms. He was super shy, hiding … Continued

The tale of Emily Grace

A touching story about a cat finding it’s right place in the world, as told by her owner Debra English. “Twenty years ago, I visited APS of Durham in search of Emily Grace. That’s right, I’d named her before I knew her. I searched several shelters to find the girl who matched the name. Small … Continued

A senior pet with so much to give

“Neville (formerly “Baxter”) makes an excellent case for adopting a senior pet. Well into his golden years (10 approx), Neville is the ultimate snuggle bug, spending most of his time on my lap or a dog bed next to me while I work from home. He has been so easy to care for and integrated … Continued

Luna, the full moon dog

This is the story of Luna (formerly Edna), adopted by the Jewell-Alibhai family. “Wherever we’ve lived in the world we’ve always had dogs, but for the last few years have been without a four-legged friend in our house. The younger members of our family kept up unrelenting pressure this summer and after promises that they … Continued