We adopted Bowser (formerly Leo) into our family about a year ago, and our attachment and love for him grows more and more every day.  He has the biggest, funniest personality and fell right in step with us and the household.  Bowser is doing really well with his training, and even obtained his Canine Good Citizenship!  … Continued


Hello APS! I am writing to tell you about my sweet little pit bull Maddie (formerly Madeline).  I adopted Maddie in August 2009.  She was a shelter favorite and it was easy to see why!  Maddie is cute, cuddly, playful and loving.  She had some problems being by herself when she first came home with … Continued


I came to my forever home on October 16, 2007.  I was called Shay when I left the shelter but my funny moms changed it to Sosipater.  They call me Saucy now and I guess it fits – I like to roll around saucily and tempt anyone who comes to visit into rubbing my belly.  I have … Continued


I recently adopted Phoenix, the 7 month old orange/white tabby. The foster mom passed along news of his adoption to you and told me you’d be interested in receiving some pictures. I know he has had quite a rough past, and am more than happy to share the great news that he is doing wonderfully. … Continued


I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new kitty we adopted 2 weeks ago from the Durham APS.   Vidder (formerly Darryl) has adjusted to our family very quickly.  It’s not every cat that is happy moving into a house with a 4 yr old, an 11 yr old dog and a … Continued


We adopted Sawyer and Sullivan (formerly Alex and Hugh, PP4) in August 2009.  They are very loved.  They follow us from room to room just to stay close, and frequently chase each other throughout the house as brothers often do! Sincerely,  Chris and Christina 


Hi there – just wanted to let you all know that Delilah is doing great and a big part of our family. She is truly spoiled and the kids love her so much. Here is a pic of our sweet girl. Thanks, Monica


Here are some pictures of Nemo in his new home with his new friend, Riley, who was adopted at the same time through IAR. Their new owner, Christine, says they are best buddies now and Nemo loves to fetch.


Thanks so much, APS of Durham!  George and Ringo were cage-mates in August 2009 when I adopted them.  We thought that Ringo was a girl, but were proven wrong!  They are happy, healthy, gorgeous (obviously!), and growing boys who are very cuddly and loving when they’re not preparing to pounce on eath other.


Hi, Just wanted to give you an update on Chofi (named Edith at the shelter and in foster care).  She’s doing wonderfully!  After a weeks-long battle, the cat finally gave in and decided to become Chofi’s best friend.  Their interspecies Olympic team can be seen running laps around the backyard, terrorizing the squirrels, and engaging … Continued