Here are some pictures of Nemo in his new home with his new friend, Riley, who was adopted at the same time through IAR. Their new owner, Christine, says they are best buddies now and Nemo loves to fetch.


Thanks so much, APS of Durham!  George and Ringo were cage-mates in August 2009 when I adopted them.  We thought that Ringo was a girl, but were proven wrong!  They are happy, healthy, gorgeous (obviously!), and growing boys who are very cuddly and loving when they’re not preparing to pounce on eath other.


Hi, Just wanted to give you an update on Chofi (named Edith at the shelter and in foster care).  She’s doing wonderfully!  After a weeks-long battle, the cat finally gave in and decided to become Chofi’s best friend.  Their interspecies Olympic team can be seen running laps around the backyard, terrorizing the squirrels, and engaging … Continued


STELLA After Stella’s long stay at APS, we adopted her on 3/12/10.  She is such an amazing dog and we love her dearly. She is adjusting so well to our home, family and neighborhood. She seems to be thriving on daily long walks, a fenced yard to play in, family time and lots of love and affection.  We feel so … Continued


Hello good people of Durham APS! Thank you so much for all that you do. In November 2009, I met “Sophie” there and knew instantly that she would soon be coming home with me. I’ve renamed her Maeby since no one seemed to agree on her breed. The website listed her as a mastiff mix, … Continued


I wanted to be part of the ‘Happy Endings’ page because I wanted to tell everyone at the Shelter that I have, at last, found my forever home.  I share my home with (17 lb. cat) Romeo, my friend and mentor.   In the two days that I’ve been here, I have explored the house and … Continued

JAKE (formerly Max)

We know that Jake (formerly Max) was loved at the shelter and that love has spilled over to our home. We are truly enjoying his company.  His face is just the best thing to wake up to every morning.  He is amazing with our nephews and all children.  He loves being cuddled and is great … Continued


Good afternoon, My husband and I adopted Leon from the APS of Durham a couple of months ago and we wanted to share a bit about how things are going. Well, I must say that he has been a true joy thus far. Leon is quite a character and he certainly has charmed us with … Continued

DOUGAL – formerly Bruce, adopted early 2009

Hi, Dougal here! When I first arrived at the shelter in January 2009, I was just a little guy, very cute, about 3 months old. After I’d been at the shelter for a few weeks without being adopted (can you believe it when you see my shelter picture?!), I agreed to let an APS volunteer … Continued


Hello APS! We adopted Dominick, a medium-hair black handsome 1-yr old cat from y’all back in June 2007.  He is a wonderful snuggly boy and we wanted to thank you for bringing him to us!  Our other cat, Sebastian (who we took in as a stray 6 years ago) really enjoys having another feline in … Continued