Lucy (formerly known as Gypsy – adopted April 2020)!

The pictures shared with us for this APS Happy Tail really speak for themselves. Lucy’s new mom Carey knew that Lucy (previously known as Gypsy) would make the perfect match for her family. Based on these pictures, we would say her family agrees! And so does sweet Lucy! Happy Tails, Lucy! Enjoy your new home!

Bo (formerly known as Chunk) is one of the crew!

All APS Happy Tails are sweet and special, but some just really melt your heart. Just look at those family photos! Here is what APS alum Bo’s family told us about him… “Chunk, now known as Bo, is settled in and made himself right at home. He enjoys playtime outside with the kids every day … Continued

Cooper (Laker – Adopted 2019)

You don’t need an intricate story to tell a good Happy Tail. This one’s short but oh so sweet.   In September 2019, Carla adopted Cooper (formerly Laker) from the APS of Durham. A “pink” personality type, we knew Cooper was a sweet and active puppy who loved to play. While Carla didn’t know what … Continued

Pete (formerly Hazel)

“As I sit here writing this, I am having to convince Hazel (now Pete), who is snuggled up next to me, that drinking my coffee is a bad idea.” It’s the little moments like these that teach us how special our pets are—from the silly quirks like wanting to drink their hooman’s coffee to peeing … Continued

A Happy Tail 10 Years in the Making

Ten years ago this year, kitties Chance and Jelly were at the APS of Durham, patiently awaiting the day their good luck would cash in. By chance or by fate, however you choose to look at it, Bill and Joyce entered the picture. In 2009, Chance and Jelly were the two remaining kittens in a … Continued

Boomer (adopted December 2018)

Gotta Get That Boom Boom Boom  Emma came to the APS of Durham on December 11, 2018, in hopes of finding a new fur baby. Many who adopt know the story: “I went to the shelter to look at a different dog…” But when Emma laid eyes on Boomer, she knew she had found the newest member of … Continued

Ginger (adopted June 2018)

If you’re a proud parent of an adopted pooch you know that the adoption process is anything but predictable—but in the best way. Mrs. Parks predicted that she’d bring home a small dog, and she did … sort of.   Little did Mrs. Parks know, when she got to the APS of Durham and saw Ginger, formerly Angelica, all her predictions would change. Ginger … Continued