Just wanted to send you an update on Grace and Smudge (formerly Twinkle Toes and Callie).  They are wonderful additions to our home.  Whether they are curled up on our laps or chasing eachother around the house, we love them!  Grace loves to be in or on top of anything she can find in the … Continued


We adopted Colleen (kept the name) in August 2009 and she has been a great addition to our family.  She’s got tons of puppy energy and loves to go over to the Pineywood dog park, where we’ve made lots of new friends.  She has a special dance she does when we get home… she not … Continued


Boomer and Buddy, or as we call them now Hops and Barley, are doing wonderfully and getting bigger now, finally growing into their bodies.  They still love to wrestle with one another and will chase each other up and down the hall.  They each have their favorite toys and will walk around the house for … Continued


Hi there! Here is a picture of our two dogs that we adopted from Durham APS.  We got Dude two years ago and Sweet Dee about a year ago.  We don’t know what we’d do without them!  I don’t know if any of the employees remember Dee (Mardi) but it took my sister about an … Continued


Hello, I just wanted to thank you for our boy, Arthur (we kept his shelter name).  We never considered Rat Terriers when researching dogs, but Arthur is the dog for us.  He is a loving companion, already housebroken and as smart as a whip.  We’re looking forward to beginning training classes with him later this month.  … Continued


Hello, APS!  I’ve attached a picture of another alumnus you can add to your gallery.  This is Clara, formerly Janie, adopted in September 2008.  She was pretty subdued when we first adopted her – we think she may have been a little depressed from having lived at the shelter for 6 weeks – but it … Continued


I don’t know if you recall, but you helped us adopt an old Border Collie a year ago on labor day weekend.  We named him Myles Bill Clinton and he became the happiness of our family.  I’ve never met anyone who loved and was as happy as he was….someone who had a broken, painful body; … Continued


Dear APS, Here is an update on Bunty (kept the name) and photos for your site and/or Facebook alumni page. Since being adopted from Durham APS in August 2008, Bunty has become quite a traveler (by car, not plane — don’t think she’d like that), and amassed loyal fan clubs along the way. Here’s her … Continued


I adopted Penelope (then known as Wendy) in September of 2008 – one year ago this week!  When I was in high school, my family adopted a bouncy, cheerful Samoyed-mix we named Yuri, who officially turned me into a dog lover.  Of course, he could not come to college with me, and is a bit … Continued


Once again you have directed us to the purrfect pet.  Mick Sweeney is so adorable.  He fit into our lives so instantly.  He is so smart.  Already knows how to open doors, knows where his favorite toy is and takes us to it when he is ready to play.  We are so happy to have … Continued