SOLO (Adopted FAll 2012)

Hi, we adopted Solo, short for Solomon, back in the Fall of 2012 when he was approximately only 7 months old. Solo has grown so much since then. He is 61 lbs. now! Solo grew to be a fun, loving member of our family. He has such a great, funny personality. One of the funniest, … Continued

BODHI (formerly Toby, adopted November 2014)

Here is Toby on his first day at his new home.  He’s still shaggy. Here he is after grooming and with a new name – Bodhi.  He is adapting quickly to his new home and a regular schedule.  He is an awesome dog! We are delighted to have him with us. Joanna and Patrick

OSCAR (formerly Elliot, adopted July 5th, 2014)

Hello!! I adopted Elliot July 5th, 2014.  I renamed him Oscar and I just wanted to share with you how wonderful he is doing.  Since summer, Oscar has moved with me to Charlotte and he is just loving life!  Some of his favorite things to do are sleep on the couch, go to the dog … Continued

FREYA (Adopted November 2012)

Hi APS, Just wanted to tell you how much we love having Freya in our home!  We adopted her back in November 2012 after our other APS dog passed away.  We knew she’d fit in from the first night when our son tripped over her carrying a dinner plate which clanged to the floor beside … Continued

DITZY (formerly Aurora, adopted September 2014)

My husband and I picked up Aurora yesterday(September 18, 2014). She is settling in nicely and I wanted to send you a couple of pictures to show how she’s doing. We have changed her name to Ditzy — Aurora is kind of hard to say with the 2 r’s so close together — so she’s … Continued

POPPINS & BURT (formerly Cosmo & Wanda, adopted 2013)

Hello Durham APS! My husband and I wanted to share our own “happy ending” story about our two precious cats, Poppins & Burt (named after our favorite movie, Mary Poppins)! We adopted these knuckleheads over a year ago after a tragic loss in my family. Our healing journey as a couple has definitely been eased … Continued