SOPHIE (formerly Chelsea – adopted January 2014)

Hi, Sophie (black & white, formerly Chelsea) came home with us in January 2014, and we’re so unbelievably happy to have her! We had decided that after a couple years as our only dog, Mowgli (brown,  formerly Walter), who is another APS alum, needed a companion.  Although returning to the shelter to pick a new … Continued

WHISKEY (formlery Meg – adopted March 2014)

Hello!  I adopted this cute puppy formerly known as Meg but her new name is Whiskey.  I just wanted to let y’all know she is doing great! She and her new sister love each other – their favorite game is tug of war!  Her new human brothers love her as well and they enjoy taking naps … Continued

FREYA (formerly Buff) adopted May 2013

Hey APS! We adopted Freya (formerly Buffy) in May 2013. She is an absolute darling and we couldn’t imagine life without her! She has become best friends with her two older canine sisters and loves wrestling with them and chasing them around the yard. Freya is one of the most loving and affectionate dogs I’ve … Continued

LOKI (formerly Mandy adopted June 2013)

We adopted Loki (formerly Mandy) in June 2013.  She has adjusted wonderfully to her new home.  She loves to hike, swim, and go for runs and rides in the car and she taught us how to throw balls for her in the backyard.  She also loves to learn new tricks.  And she is very patient … Continued

APOLLO (adopted August 2013)

I adopted Apollo in August of 2013 from your shelter. Here are some pics of him. He is a great dog and a great companion. He is so thankful everyday to have a nice home. He is my first dog and a true blessing. Thank you APS for all the good work you do. Sincerely, … Continued

CHESTER, Adopted October 2013

We fell in love with Chester the minute we met him! He is a curious, energetic, and lovable bunny who doesn’t take long to warm up to people. He is very social, always begging for pets or treats and cuddling up with you on the couch or bed. Chester is very smart and did not … Continued

TIGER (formerly Gilligan), Adopted July 2013

Dear all of APS, My family and I were eager to adopt Tiger, formerly known as Gilligan. This brindle, enthusiastic, huggable pup has been a great addition to the family. He has adjusted very well and very quickly to the new environment. He’s well behaved, from not chewing up the furniture to responding to calls, … Continued