RUBY CAROLYN (formerly Sabrina, adopted April 2011)

So, Ruby Carolyn is my brown and white dog.  I adopted her 3 years ago. Below, she is pictured with her brother, Roger Joseph. She is an active girl, likes to “tell” me about everything.  But, she is my angel.  Two years ago, I was driving home from Ohio with Roger and Ruby in the car.  I had … Continued

ROUX (formerly Zoey, Adopted March 7th 2014)

Dear people of APS, I am writing to give you an update on the second dog we adopted from you on March 7th of this year, a six-month old puppy named Zoey. Previously we adopted Daly (formerly known as Dora) in August of last year. When we got Roux (her new name), she was little, … Continued

GILES (formerly Timothy, Adopted August 6, 2004)

Hi APS folks! I thought I’d send an update on our wonderful dog Giles (formerly Timmy). We adopted him from the APS of Durham on August 6, 2004. We’ve been living in the Twin Cities in Minnesota since August 2006 and have had many wonderful years together. Here’s a photo of Giles along the North … Continued

CICI (formerly Pearl, adopted August 2013)

I adopted Cici (Pearl when she was at APS) August 2013.  I remember the day I picked her out she was the only one up that morning.  She has been a delight to have.  She gets up around 8 am every morning and makes sure I’m up with her.  She loves getting into the trash … Continued

HARRY (adopted July 2014)

I adopted Harry (Yorkie mix) two weeks ago. He is very loved and adjusted very well to the new home. I finally got him nicely groomed yesterday and wanted to give an updated photo of him! Thank You!

DAISY (formerly Dawn – adopted June 2014)

Dear Durham APS staff and volunteers, We wanted to let all the wonderful people of the Durham APS know that Dawn, who has reinvented herself as “Daisy”, has rapidly become a true family member in our home.  There was concern by the APS folks that she was very shy and submissive, and that she might have … Continued

MARIGNY (formerly Doris – adopted June 2014)

Marigny (formerly Doris – adopted June 2014)8 lb Marigny is the black and white dog on the right, snuggled up under our other rescue dog Sammy! Marigny had a significant skin condition when she arrived at APS- cracked, bleeding skin, missing large sections of fur – the before photos were pretty sad. With the great … Continued

WINNIE (formerly Carolina, adopted April 2013)

Hi APS! Back in April 2013, the Voorhees girls decided to bring another animal into our family, and we found Carolina at the shelter! Since we brought her home, we renamed her Winnie, and she has become an irreplaceable part of our family. Winnie has brought so much love and laughter into our home – … Continued