papi-bedPAPI formerly Hamish
Hello there,

I have been meaning to send along a message for a long time and am now actually finally getting to it. I want you to know how adopting a dog from you back in September of 2008 was the best decision my husband and I have ever made.

We were newlyweds at the time, and knew we wanted a 4 legged child to make our family complete. We looked for months of your site and visited the shelter multiple times in search for our perfect pet. We found Papi on a Friday afternoon (he was named Hamish while there with you) and scheduled a trip to come get him first thing Saturday morning. At that time, Papi was so scared he couldn’t even walk in the shelter, he had to be carried. He had long, matted and yellowed fur, and was underweight. The first thing he did in the visiting room was go straight to my husband, crawl up his chest, and curl up on him. We were in love instantly.

I cannot even remember life before this sweet, incredibly cuddly, and hilarious dog entered our lives. Papi has earned hundreds of nicknames, partly because he is lightning fast, has got comically large ears, and sleeps in between us in bed every night. He is no longer frightened of loud noises, and in fact tried to challenge and befriend dogs 3 times his size! Our family and friends know he’s our son and all comment that he is the most gentle and well-behaved dog they have ever been around. 

I hope our story inspires others to choose adoption as a way to enhance their own lives, while saving the life of another. Mine has been forever changed because we came to your shelter and for that I am forever grateful. 

Carrie and Matt