PATRICK & AVA (adopted October 2012 & July 2013)

ava-patrick-2We adopted Patrick, pit bull mix, from APS of Durham in Oct 2012.  He’s a big, clunky, over-sized puppy & so excited to greet every person and every dog or cat he sees.  Patrick has never known a stranger.  In July 2013 we adopted Ava, also a pit bull mix, very meek & low-key, a bit shy with new people.  But Ava is a whole different dog when she’s with Patrick.  Ava is quite a bit smaller than Patrick but that doesn’t cause her any hesitation.  She wrestles with him, chases him & knocks him over.  When they’re both worn out, Ava will sleep on top of him.  Patrick is such a good boy, he lets her get away with just about anything.  Here’s Ava with Patrick, her new best friend. 

We love our Pitties!