POPPINS & BURT (formerly Cosmo & Wanda, adopted 2013)

Hello Durham APS!
My husband and I wanted to share our own “happy ending” story about our two precious cats, Poppins & Burt (named after our favorite movie, Mary Poppins)! We adopted these knuckleheads over a year ago after a tragic loss in my family. Our healing journey as a couple has definitely been eased by Poppins and Burt’s sweet presence, insistent cuddles, and ridiculous love of cat-wrestling! Our favorite part of the day is coming home to see them poking their little faces through the curtains, waiting for us. We’re so happy we adopted them both!
They’re such photogenic cats, but we’ll limit ourselves to just a few pictures. Poppins is the grey one, who loves cuddling my laptop while I write; Burt is orange and so fond of board games! Thanks for bringing these sweet, crazy cats into our lives!
Much love,
Lizzie & Jonathan