PRUNELLA (Formerly Dolly)

prunella-heFormerly Dolly, we brought her home in April of 2011 believing she was a “special needs baby” due to her very crooked and weak front legs. The kind staff at APS said it might just be an issue of malnourishment akin to human rickets that, if caught early enough, could improve one day. After talking to our vet we fed Prunella the best food we could find and gave her a calcium supplement every day. To our amazement within one month her legs were completely straight with no trace of the tremors that often forced her to rest in the middle of playing or eating. 
Now “Prunejuice” is so hearty and fast that we’re looking into agility training and fly ball as options to harness her limitless energy and need to leap like a spider monkey. Enormous thanks to APS and all its supporters!Jay, Dana & Prunella
Old West Durham