QUARMAH (formerly Anastasia – adopted August 28,2012)

quarmahWhere can I start? Well I must say that when I saw Anastasia under adoptable dogs I wasn’t so sure if she was the fit for me. I visited her for 10 minutes and fell in love with her, she looked at me as if to say “Hurry up, let’s go home!” And so I did…

August 28th makes 2 years since I have had her and it has been a delightful and eventful experience. After couches, clothes, carpets etc. being demolished, and a lot of learning, she has grown from a scared, anxious puppy to a responsible, loving, guardian and a hell of a best friend.
She is grateful to have a loving home. She has truly blessed my life with her presence and I want to thank the APS of Durham for bringing us two together.
Everyday is fun and exciting and she brings me pure joy. She has such a vibrant and comical personality, I couldn’t ask for a better friend. She is the light of my life and we are so grateful!! She also loves her sister which was also adopted from your shelter, but I’ll let her mother do her introduction…
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
From Nichole and Quarmah. Lots of Love!