REMY (adopted December 2012)

remy-3We just received this happy news about Remy, the little dog that was the subject of a cruelty case last fall: As you can tell, she has found the happy home she deserved  🙂
We just wanted to give you guys an update on Remy. She is doing great! We had some trouble with her to begin with, she got really spooked the day we brought her home and actually wiggled out of her harness and took off into the woods. She was in there for a week. But we continued to have hope, feed her, put cage traps out for her and finally caught her last Friday. Attached are a few pictures. She’s doing well. Still a little skittish but she has come so far since we picked her up. Everyone tells us that she is beautiful and so sweet.

We love her so much and we want to thank you guys so much for helping and supporting us while we were without her for that week. As you can see, she is doing great and we keep a close watch on her whenever we take her out for a walk.

Thanks again,