RILEY (formerly Emilie, adopted October 23, 2013)

riley2Hi APS of Durham! Thank you so much for allowing me to have Riley by my side for the rest of our lives!

Since she was adopted, Riley has come out of her shell entirely and is as happy as a puppy can be!
She quickly discovered the comfort of a human bed and takes naps regularly. She enjoys her daily trips to the dog park and has made many doggie friends!
Riley works at Woof Gang Bakery in Raleigh and enjoys greeting customers and testing out all of the new toys. She often takes the opportunity to shop for herself and some of her doggie friends! She has recently discovered the concept of snuggling (versus hogging the whole bed), and has become quite the snuggle bug!
Everyday I am thankful for this precious girl. Whether she’s chewing on her favorite antler or hiding my tennis shoes, she is truly a blessing.
Thank you so much for allowing me to be by her side for the rest of her life.