Ringo (Formerly Gaston) is Thriving in his New Home!

Ringo (formerly known as Gaston) was adopted from APS back in March, and his parents reached out to give us an update on how life is going in his happy new home…

“Hello! Just wanted to give you guys an update on our sweet kitty we adopted in March! Ringo (formerly Gaston) is thriving in his new home. He is so happy now he’s hardly recognizable. He enjoys cuddling (and laying not on your lap, but forcing you to lay down so he can lay on your chest), yelling at everyone for food/attention, watching squirrels out the window, and just being around to keep you company. We’re so thankful for all your hard work nursing this baby back to health so that we could have this perfect new addition to our home!”


Thank you to Ringo’s mom for the update! We are so happy to see his handsome face again, and know how well he is doing with your family. Happy Tails, Ringo!