RUBY CAROLYN (formerly Sabrina, adopted April 2011)

ruby1So, Ruby Carolyn is my brown and white dog.  I adopted her 3 years ago. Below, she is pictured with her brother, Roger Joseph.

She is an active girl, likes to “tell” me about everything.  But, she is my angel. 
Two years ago, I was driving home from Ohio with Roger and Ruby in the car.  I had just stopped for their potty break in the mountains of West Virginia, and 10 minutes later, Ruby insisted we stop again!  I kept telling her to lie down, and she would, then she would get back up, and unlike her, she quietly told me she had to stop again.
After 5 times of telling me, I laughed, because she had been so cute and insistent on stopping.  I took the next exit, and both dogs pottied again, even though they had JUST gone!  And, that’s about the last thing I remember.  I had my first seizure.  I didn’t know it was coming, but Ruby did!  I fell on my face and ended up with a terrible concussion. 
Thankfully, someone saw me go down, and an ambulance was called; both my pups stayed right by my side until help arrived. After my ride to the hospital, they got a ride in the ambulance to the ambulance driver’s vet for an overnight stay there! 
My folks had to come get us the next day. But, certainly, without Ruby’s intervention, my parent’s drive up to get us would be for a different reason!
Ruby was quite an anxious dog when I got her. Over the three years and with her brother’s help, she’s realized this really IS home!  Things really ARE going to be good and stay good! 
Just this past summer, she’s started twisting onto her back for belly rubs!  And, one thing I can always count on with my Ruby, is that she is always close by.  If I am in the kitchen, she is in the kitchen with me, if I am in the office, she is at my feet under the desk.
Ruby might not be the cuddler that Roger is, but she always wants to be close.   And, she has learned when she wants and needs some ear scratches, to ask for them.
My Ruby Carolyn…my angel girl!  Thank you for taking care of her until we could find each other!  It’s hard for me to think that our match was an accident.
Sincerely and quite thankful,
Alli Bowser