smokey-joe3Dear APS and especially Danaya,
I can’t thank you enough for Smokey Joe. I went in to see another cat on the 17th, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the big, handsome Smokey Joe. I brought him home June 22. He made himself at home immediately, inspecting all the rooms (and the bathtub!). After his first night I woke up to him lying on my chest — how a nearly 14 pound cat managed that without waking me I’ll never know, but now he’s my constant snuggle-buddy. I’ve arranged a chair for him in my home office, where he’s currently sleeping on my notebook. Smokey Joe is always making me laugh, and greets me when I come home. Thank you, Danaya, for coaxing him out of his grief when his first owner died, and to APS for keeping him. I couldn’t ask for a more charming roommate.